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Why should I take this programme?

With the news that Letting Agents are to become more heavily regulated in the future, it's never been more important to ensure that agency staff are fully educated. The Agents Principles of Lettings course will ensure you understand both the legal obligations of the landlord and agent throughout the lettings process from marketing to possession.

Our Law of Agency course explains the contractual obligations you must uphold in terms of the relationship with both landlord and tenant. With the introduction of general data protection regulations, it is vital that all agency staff have an acute awareness of the implications to avoid any data breaches with the large volumes of data they have access to, our GDPR course fully explains the precautions to be taken when processing personal information.

The most important obligation for a landlord is to ensure the property is safe. When contracted to completing risk assessments and ensuring properties meet standards outlined in the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) on behalf of the landlord, agents must have an in-depth knowledge of the law. Our Property Standards course will explain the what is expected in terms laws governing health and safety.

Courses included

Agents Principles of Lettings

This interactive course has been created for the experienced landlord or agent to test and further expand their knowledge. It assumes a basic understanding of Landlord and Tenant law and is suitable for those operating in England who want to increase their understanding of the law.

General Data Protection Regulation for Landlords and Agents

This course will help you understand how GDPR affects you and your business. You will learn how to comply, how to process information lawfully and avoid penalties.

Law of Agency

This course will teach you about the different parties in the lettings process and the duties placed on each. It will help you understand the fiduciary duty of agents and how the law of agency applies in practice.

Property Standards

This course identifies the key pieces of legislation on property standards and explores how landlords and agents must comply with their obligations. Gain a clear understanding of the regulations in order to provide a safe home while protecting your S21 rights.

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