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Law of Agency

This course will teach you about the different parties in the lettings process and the duties placed on each. It will help you understand the fiduciary duty of agents and how the law of agency applies in practice.

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Advanced Principles of Lettings

This interactive course has been created for the experienced landlord or agent to test and further expand their knowledge. It assumes a basic understanding of Landlord and Tenant law and is suitable for those operating in England who want to increase their understanding of the law.

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Agents Principles of Lettings

This course is designed to give Letting Agents and their staff a guide to the entire lettings process covering the various compliance issues the are required to support Landlords with.

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Anti-Social Behaviour

Dealing with anti-social behaviour as a private landlord or agent can be stressful, time consuming and often costly. Learn how best to protect yourself and your property from Anti-Social Behaviour.

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Becoming a Landlord

Designed for those considering becoming a landlord who would like to find out more about the private rented sector before making the commitment and investment.

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Deposits and Inventories

This online course is designed to navigate the complex laws on deposits so that landlords can be confident to complete their own inventories, take and protect deposits and deal with disputes with ease.

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Foundation Fire Safety

The Grenfell Tower fire in June 2017 left the nation in shock. The loss of life was beyond reason and whilst the public enquiry is underway both social landlords, private landlords and block managers are naturally questioning whether they are doing enough to protect their tenants from fire.

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General Data Protection Regulation for Landlords and Agents

This course will help you understand how GDPR affects you and your business. You will learn how to comply, how to process information lawfully and avoid penalties.

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HMO and Licensing

Managing a HMO can be challenging but a good investment for a landlord. It's important to under what type of HMO you have, what license you need and what regulations you must follow. This course gives you an understanding of your obligations.

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Immigration and Right to Rent

This course explains the complexities of immigration law, and explains the Right to Rent checks that landlords and agents must perform. The penalties for not carrying out the correct checks can be severe, but this course will help delegates stay on the right side of the law.

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Landlords Principles of Lettings

This course aims to explain the landlord's obligations and requirements in relation to their tenants, properties and any agents they use. The course takes you on a journey through pre, during and post-tenancy scenarios.

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Managing Rent Arrears

This course will provide you with effective ways of reducing the risk of rent arrears and practical advice and options to claim back missed rent payments that could be owed to you.

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Rent Smart Wales Agent Licensing

This course takes each Agent through the entire lettings process and covers which legislation and regulation must be followed at each step. Once you feel confident with each section you may then take the assessment which you are required to pass to meet the requirements.

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Rent Smart Wales Landlord Licensing

This course deals with the main principles that affect landlords covering topics including pre-tenancy, setting up a tenancy, during the tenancy, ending a tenancy and more. The course requires you to pass the assessment at the end of course to meet the requirements.

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Section 21 Notices

This interactive online course is designed to assist landlords in understanding which Section 21 they need to serve and how to successfully complete and serve the notice.

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