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HMO and Licensing (eLearning)

A house in multiple occupation (HMO) is property with multiple tenants who do not form one single family or household. Investments in houses under multiple occupancy can be very profitable with high returns on investment, but the management of HMO is far stricter for the landlord and anyone managing the property i.e. Letting/Managing Agent.

Course content

This online course is designed to give landlords and agents a basic overview of:

  • Definition of a small HMO
  • Definition of a large HMO and mandatory licensing
  • HMO manager regulations
  • Additional and Selective licensing
  • Applying for a licence
  • Includes an interactive flowchart for establishing if a property requires a licence.

For the more established HMO Landlord looking for knowledge on property inspections by the local authority and property standards, this is covered in the Principles of HMOs course.


  • Understanding the difference between small and large HMOs
  • Being able to identify the type of licence required for type of property
  • The pros and cons of investing in HMOs
  • HMO manager regulation responsibilities and how to avoid penalties

This course is suitable for

  • New landlords who have purchased (or are considering purchasing) an HMO.
  • New letting agent employees who will be managing client HMO properties.
  • Existing agents considering taking on HMO properties on behalf of clients.
Please note: The licence will last for 12 months from the time of purchase.
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