HMO Landlord Programme

Why should I take this programme?

HMO (Houses in Multiple Occupation) property renting can be produce excellent financial return, but this comes at a cost. The HMO landlord or manager needs more than a good understanding of the lettings process, so we' have designed this program to take the stress out of HMO property management.

The Landlords Principles of Lettings covers the basics that every landlord should know and will teach the most seasoned landlord a thing or two.

Our HMO and Licensing course will ensure you follow the correct regulations for your particular property type and avoid penalties. Property Standards and Fire Safety requirements are far more complex in HMO, and this programme will equip you with the knowledge and skills required to ensure you have a safe and sound property.

Courses included

Landlords Principles of Lettings

This course aims to explain the landlord's obligations and requirements in relation to their tenants, properties and any agents they use. The course takes you on a journey through pre, during and post-tenancy scenarios.

HMO and Licensing

Managing a HMO can be challenging but a good investment for a landlord. It's important to under what type of HMO you have, what licence you need and what regulations you must follow. This course gives you an understanding of your obligations.

Foundation Fire Safety

The Grenfell Tower fire in June 2017 left the nation in shock. The loss of life was beyond reason and whilst the public enquiry is underway both social landlords, private landlords and block managers are naturally questioning whether they are doing enough to protect their tenants from fire.

HMO Property Standards

This course identifies all legislation on property standards and includes the additional regulations imposed upon HMO landlords. This will enable you to ensure the property is safe for sharers and explores how you are required to comply in order to avoid steep penalties.

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Continuous Professional Development

Remember that Continuous Professional Development points (CPD) apply to RLA courses. You can also get CPD points for being a member of the Residential Landlords Association.

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