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Managing Rent Arrears (eLearning)

There are many reasons why a tenant may fall into rent arrears. These can range from changes to their employment situation or personal problems to housing benefits issues, and with more changes afoot to the benefit system, this situation will only become worse.

Once a tenant falls into arrears it can immediately impacts your business. You could have mortgage payments to make, insurance premiums to pay and maintenance costs to cover all of which are heavily reliant on the income from rent.

This online course will help you to minimise the risk of your tenant falling into rent arrears. It will help you to identify the signs that your tenant might be about to fall into rent arrears and provide you with advice on settling arrear disputes outside court. The course will also take you through the legal proceedings and options for enforcement should you require additional support to recover the missing rent payments.

The course is split into small modules, containing interactive quizzes and tests, which on successful completion, will earn you a certificate and 4 CPD points.

Course Content

  • Effective tenant referencing
  • Guarantors
  • Housing benefit
  • Record keeping
  • Dealing with disputes outside of court
  • Legal proceedings


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Select the right tenants to minimise the risk of rent arrears
  • Manage arrears effectively to avoid legal action
  • Understand the legal process of claiming a debt against a tenant

Suitable for

  • New landlords
  • Existing landlords with no experience of rent arrears
  • Landlords with current outstanding rent arrears
  • New letting agent employees
  • Existing agents with responsibility for collecting rent payments
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What else can apply to my CPD?

Residential Landlords Association Accreditation Scheme

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This course is worth 4 basic CPD points with the Residential Landlords Association Accreditation Scheme

RLAAS is a national scheme who aim to encourage, acknowledge and actively promote good standards and management practice by owners and to assist owners and tenants to undertake their respective responsibilities to each other.

RLAAS is open to all landlords who operate in the private sector, and accreditation is FREE. Members of RLAAS also receive a discount when enroling for a course operated by the Residential Landlord's Association.

To find out more, and what RLAAS means to landlords and tenants across the country, visit the RLAAS website.

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