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The Principles of Lettings...The Landlords Way

Do you want to be recognised as a 'great' landlord or you are already taking steps towards accreditation?

Are you a start-up, thinking of starting or already have a portfolio of one or two or even hundreds of properties? Then this course is for you!

Letting Agents and their staff who want to learn about lettings from the landlords perspective may also like to attend or alternatively may prefer to attend our dedicated Agents course - The Complete Letting Agents Course.

Lettings can be a minefield and a legal understanding of the main issues is very important. Attending a course that takes you through the fundamentals of being a landlord is integral to clearing any grey areas over what landlord's obligations and responsibilities are, not only with your property, but with your tenants too. So what better way to understand the principles of lettings, than with the RLA's Principles of Lettings Course?

Whether it's creating a tenancy, dealing with rent arrears or just making sure your property is safe, the RLA's Principles of Lettings Course will provide you with all the key knowledge to ensuring that your tenancies are hassle free and not falling foul of the law.

As a requirement for RLAAS accreditation, the course will also include an optional assessment which underpins the days learning. Successfully pass this and you will qualify as attending the core training course as defined by RLAAS. If you are unsuccessful or do not wish to complete the assessment, you will still receive an attendance certificate (worth 5 basic CPD points).

Let this course help you understand the Principles of Lettings and start you on your path to becoming a GREAT landlord!

The course content reflects the new Deregulation Act 2015 for properties in England only, currently there are no changes for properties in Wales; please see the RLA Wales website for updates.


This course aims to explain the landlord's obligations/requirements in relation to their tenants, properties and any agents they use.

Course Content

This course deals with the main principles that affect landlords. Topics covered are:

  1. Pre-tenancy
    Accreditations - EPCs - taxes - insurance - investing - useful contacts and more...
  2. Responsibilities and Liabilities of the Landlord/Letting Agent
    Tenancy agreements - HHSRS - Gas Safety - HMOs - Licensing - and more...
  3. Setting up a Tenancy
    Types of Tenancy - Agreements - Deposits - setting rent - housing benefit and more...
  4. During the Tenancy
    Periodic visits - entry and refusal - tenant obligations - changing terms - anti-social-behaviour - rent arrears and more...
  5. Ending a Tenancy
    Tenancy continues - tenant wants to leave - landlord wants tenant to leave - district judges - possession - eviction - common law tenancies - unlawful eviction and more...
  6. Smoking and Health Act 2006
  7. RLAAS Assessment
    Questions to assess knowledge. Pass mark required to achieve RLAAS 'Core' Training criteria.

The Principles of Lettings course is designed to meet and follow ANUK standards. Attending the Principles of Lettings course will give you 5 basic CPD points. However, by successfully completing the assessment these will be upgraded to 5 core CPD points. These core points can be used towards accreditation with RLAAS. A certificate of attendance will be issued to all attendees.

What's the difference between basic and core CPD points? Read RLAAS' guide to CPD points.

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Continuous Professional Development

Remember that Continuous Professional Development points (CPD) apply to RLA courses. You can also get CPD points for being a member of the Residential Landlords Association.

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Residential Landlords Association Accreditation Scheme

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This course is worth 5 core CPD points with the Residential Landlords Association Accreditation Scheme

RLAAS is a national scheme who aim to encourage, acknowledge and actively promote good standards and management practice by owners and to assist owners and tenants to undertake their respective responsibilities to each other.

RLAAS is open to all landlords who operate in the private sector, and accreditation is FREE. Members of RLAAS also receive a discount when enroling for a course operated by the Residential Landlord's Association.

To find out more, and what RLAAS means to landlords and tenants across the country, visit the RLAAS website.

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