Pre-Let Tenancy Agreement

The Pre-Let Tenancy Agreement is used to temporarily commit a tenant to an agreement of tenancy. The Pre-Let Tenancy Agreement reserves the tenancy and also confirms the basic terms, such as deposit value, advance rent and the start date of the tenancy.

The Pre-Let Tenancy Agreement offers the following benefits:

  • Strong Potential Let - As a landlord this agreement is invaluable because it lets you offer a flat, rooms or other property to a tenant before you actually sign a Tenancy Agreement. If the tenant readily accepts the use of a Pre-Tenancy Agreement, you can be fairly certain of having a tenant for your building.
  • Define Utility Responsibility - Another aspect of the Pre-Let Tenancy Agreement is the ability to have in writing who will be responsible for the utilities. Depending on the situation the utility bills can be the sole responsibility of the tenant or the landlord. You could also choose to have the tenant pay for certain utilities and not others. These same terms will then be entered into the main Tenancy Agreement.

Once the payment of a deposit has been received and any requested references have been approved by you, the tenant and yourself will be prepared and able to sign a Tenancy Agreement.

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