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Guarantor Form (Deed of Guarantee)

The following documents are for use where the tenant wishes to use a 3rd party guarantor to take all or part responsibility to cover rent arrears and/or damages/losses. They allow for both Limited and Unlimited Guarantor and they provide you with an extra level of assurance that any late rent and/or damages should be paid for should the tenant fail to pay.

Important: Each of the below forms of Guarantee include, at the end of the document, explanatory notes that detail the responsibilities of the Guarantor, if the Guarantor signs the Guarantee. It also gives the answers to frequently asked questions about the guarantee. Please also note, it is advisable that any potential guarantors should have their credit history and identity checked.

Important: This document was updated on 05/03/2018

If you have any previous versions stored, please ensure they are removed as this new version supersedes any previous versions of the Guarantor forms.

Please note that guarantors retain the right to cancel under certain circumstances. The landlord should serve a section 21 notice to evict the tenant within 6 weeks of receiving this cancellation request if no suitable replacement guarantors are found. The landlord must ensure they follow the correct procedure for this so please read the explanatory guide thoroughly.

The RLA recommends that a new guarantor form should be provided to the guarantor for their signature prior to every new tenancy. This includes renewing an existing tenancy (or when you expressly agree to extend a tenancy).

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