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Landlord Letter Templates

Written communication and good documentation is essential to successful property management. Letters are not only a great way to build the foundation to a good landlord/tenant relationship, but they are also an effective way to safeguard yourself if you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of court proceedings.

From a series of rent arrears letter templates to an initial welcome letter to your tenant, the RLA have put together an array of sample landlord letters to tenants for each stage of the tenancy.

The RLA's landlord letter templates are FREE for RLA members to download, edit and save as they wish.

Starting a Tenancy

Local Housing Allowance Information Sharing Agreement letter template

Tenant's Welcome letter template


Managing a Tenancy

Periodic Inspection letter template

Poor Standard of Property letter template

Gas Safety Check letter template

Rent Arrears

Rent arrears - friendly letter templates

Rent arrears - legal action pending letter templates

Rent arrears - direct debit/standing order cancellation/problems letter templates

Ending a Tenancy

Tenants Notice to Vacate the Property letter template


Can't find what you have been looking for? If you are looking for a letter that you believe will be beneficial for landlords and RLA members, please email with your suggestions. Thank you

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