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Right to Rent Responsibility Transfer form

As part of the Immigration Act 2014, landlords are responsible for performing the right to rent checks on prospective tenants before signing them up to a tenancy agreement. This means meeting the prospective occupiers in person, checking their original documents, and keeping a copy of the original document for up to 12 months after the end of the occupiers stay in the property. For many landlords, this is not really possible as they live too far away from the property to be able to meet the occupiers in person to perform the checks.

Agents can take on responsibility for performing the right to rent checks but this responsibility can only be transferred in writing and many agent contracts do not currently have anything in regards to right to rent. To assist our landlords and agents the RLA has prepared this right to rent responsibility transfer document so that agents can now perform the right to rent checks for the landlord.

Please note that the final decision as to whether or not a landlord should sign the tenancy agreement will still rest with the landlord. The agent takes responsibility for performing the right to rent checks and informing the landlord of the prospective occupiers' right to rent status but, if the agent informs the landlord that the occupiers have no right to rent and the landlord still rents to these tenants then the landlord will have no protection from prosecution by the Home Office.

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