This applies to properties in England only.

Section 21 Notices for England


For most landlords, serving a section 21 notice will be the most common way for them to start to end a tenancy. This route to possession is simpler than serving a section 8 notice as it does not require them to attend a court hearing, or give a reason why they wish to receive possession. Instead, as long as the landlord has given the correct length of notice, met all the requirements for service, and used the correct form then the courts will provide a possession order in the post. This is known as accelerated possession.

Until October 1st 2015, the Section 21 notices came in a variety of different formats and there was no time limit on using the Section 21 notice to apply to court after it had been served. This has now changed however with the introduction of a prescribed form that must be used in England along with a number of additional requirements that must be met before the notice can be served validly.

This page provides guidance on how to comply with all of these requirements, the prescribed form itself for all of our members, help with how to serve the notice, as well as all of the forms required to complete the accelerated route to possession and completion notes on how to fill out the forms.

This guidance should only be followed for tenancies in England.

If your property is in Wales, then please go to this page instead.

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