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Addendum Agreement

We know that some landlords like to add their own provisions to tenancy agreements and we therefore have an addendum agreement for this purpose. Make sure that if you use the Addendum Agreement this is signed, as well as the tenancy agreement itself. Please read the notes on the Addendum Agreement carefully. In particular, you need to be careful about altering standard clauses which are already in the tenancy agreement. You could fall foul of the Unfair Contract Terms Regulations, for example. For instance, the standard RLA tenancy agreement says that if pets are to be brought on to the property this can be done with the landlord's consent but this consent must not be unreasonably withheld. A clause banning pets altogether may fall foul of the Unfair Contract Terms Regulations e.g. because it unreasonably bans a tenant from having a small goldfish in a small bowl in the property. The RLA cannot accept any responsibility for the consequences of the variations.

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The RLA Addendum Agreement offers the following benefits:

Please note - Any terms included on the Addendum Agreement have been specifically agreed between by the landlord/agent and the tenant. They must be legally acceptable. The wording of any terms included on the Addendum Agreement is not approved by the Plain English Campaign. The RLA does not have any involvement with any of the terms included on the Addendum Agreement.

From June 1st 2019 in England, landlords and agents who sign a new or renewal tenancy must comply with the tenant fee ban . The ban will also come into force in Wales later in 2019 with slightly different formats.

When drafting the additional terms in your addendum you must bear this fee ban in mind as you may face significant penalties, including a ban on using section 21 notices , if you do charge prohibited fees.

The RLA's Contact Centre Advisors are not solicitors and cannot advise on specific wording for the clauses you choose to insert in your addendum. If you use our Addendum Agreement you should have the clauses you write checked over or written by a solicitor, to ensure that it is done correctly and will be legally enforceable if required.

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