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Company Let Agreement

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When should this tenancy agreement be used?

This form is for use where the tenant is an incorporated body (e.g. a limited company, limited liability partnership (LLP) etc). Where there is more than one tenant none of them must be individuals. They must all be incorporated bodies.

Why should I use the RLA Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement?

The RLA Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement (AST) offers the following benefits:

What type of tenancy does this create?

The tenancy is not an assured tenancy.

Do I need to protect the deposit?

If you take a deposit it does not need to be protected under one of the Government approved tenancy schemes.

How do I end this tenancy?

If it is a common law tenancy you cannot serve a Section 21 Notice or a Section 8 Notice to obtain possession. It is a fixed term tenancy which then runs on automatically as a monthly tenancy. You will need to give a Notice to Quit to terminate the tenancy.

Do I need a privacy notice?

From May 25th 2018 you must provide all of your current and new tenants and/or guarantors with your privacy notice. The RLA has created guidance on this, along with a sample privacy notice for use exclusively by our members.


Is this the correct Tenancy Agreement for you? Read the RLA Guide to Tenancy Agreements.

Renting out a property with a Green Deal charge?

Are you entering a Tenancy Agreement with a new tenant for a property for which a Green Deal charge is payable?

If so - the Tenancy Agreement must contain a prescribed form of acknowledgement under which the tenant agrees to pay off the Green Deal charge.

If you fail to comply you may well have to repay the full Green Deal charge at once rather than repaying via a charge on the electricity meter.

Where a new tenant becomes the bill payer, they must be given a copy of the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) giving details of the Green Deal before they view the property or at the first viewing and then sign the required acknowledgement in the Tenancy Agreement itself to say that they agree to pay the ongoing Green Deal charges.

The wording you need to insert is available on the government's website. Alternatively, please contact the Landlord Advice Team for assistance.

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