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Periodic Assured Shorthold Tenancy

When should this tenancy agreement be used?

This tenancy is for use when an assured shorthold tenancy is required and the landlord or tenant(s) would prefer an open-ended arrangement from the outset of the tenancy. This is rarely used as most tenants and landlords prefer to start with a fixed term tenancy. However if you feel that a periodic tenancy may be best for you then please call our Advisors on 03330 142 998 to request the document.

What type of tenancy does this create?

The tenancy is an assured shorthold tenancy governed by the Housing Act 1988.

Do I need to protect the deposit?

Any deposit paid must be protected under one of the Government approved tenancy deposit schemes. Protecting a deposit under a contractual periodic tenancy is exactly the same as any other assured shorthold tenancy.

How do I end this tenancy?

You can use the Section 21 procedure to obtain possession but tenants will retain the right to stay in the property for a minimum of 6 months. In the event of tenancy arrears or other tenancy breach you may serve a Section 8 notice (e.g. relying Ground 8 for rent arrears).

Only a Section 21(4) may be used to end a contractual periodic tenancy. A section 21(1) will be invalid.

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