Excluded Tenancy Agreement (Lodgers Agreement)

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When should this tenancy agreement be used?

This is for use if you are a resident landlord and you share living accommodation with your tenant.

What type of tenancy does this create?

This does not create an assured shorthold tenancy or a non shorthold assured tenancy.

How do I end this tenancy?

It is outside the scope of the Protection from Eviction provisions. This means that so long as you give the proper notice as required by the agreement you can evict the tenant without a Court order. You must not actually do so when the tenant (or anyone else associated with the tenant) is present at the time. The normal four week minimum period of notice is not required either.

Do you use guarantors?

To avoid potentially successful unfair terms challenges, the RLA recommends that a new guarantor form should be provided to the guarantor for their signature prior to every new tenancy. This includes renewing an existing tenancy (or when you expressly agree to extend a tenancy).

For more information on guarantor obligations and cancellation rights please see the explanatory guide attached to the RLA guarantor forms here.

Do I need to protect the deposit?

If you take a deposit it does not need to be protected under one of the Government deposit schemes.

NB: You must not use this agreement unless you actually share the accommodation. Simply sharing an access is not enough.


Is this the correct Tenancy Agreement for you? Read the RLA Guide to Tenancy Agreements.

RLA Excluded Tenancy Agreement (Lodgers Agreement)

The RLA Excluded Tenancy Agreement (Lodgers Agreement) offers the following benefits:

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  • Constantly Developed - As soon as Housing Law is changed, our agreement is updated by the RLA. Use in confidence that you will not fall foul of legislation.
  • FREE Telephone Support - On any aspect of the Tenancy is available to RLA members.
  • Completion Instructions - Are available to assist you in completing the tenancy agreement.

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