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City Energy Network is a national award winning organisation. We provide a vast range of products and services to landlords ranging from energy advice and energy efficiency grants to smart meters and consumer credit loans.

City Energy's grant funding provision to landlords currently focusses on the installation of insulation products for cavity walls, solid walls, room in roof and lofts. Further grant funding can be provided for the replacement and installation of inefficient electric storage heaters as well as more traditional boilers.

Installations of insulation and heating solutions with City Energy are grant funded with little or no cost to the landlord. Energy efficiency solutions help tenants stay warm in winter by making heating affordable while potentially improving the curb appeal and value of any landlord's property portfolio.

City Energy Network provide exceptional support to landlords who wish to upgrade their existing property portfolio in partnership with the RLA to meet new rental requirements from 1st April 2018 and onwards.

What exactly can be provided for free?

Who can get the grant funding?

The majority of these grants require the residents of your properties to be in receipt of specific benefits. City Energy will help landlords validate which property is eligible to receive free funding.

Grants are not paid to you, the landlord, or your tenant. The funds are claimed by City Energy once we have completed the installation at little or no charge to you. Grants are free to you, so there is nothing to pay back.

Grants are reliant on the following benefits or tax credits as outlined below.


Tax credits below the following levels

  Number of qualifying children for which the person is responsible:
Type of Claim 0 1 2 3 4+
Single claim £13,200 £17,400 £21,600 £25,800 £30,000
Joint claim £19,800 £24,000 £28,200 £32,400 £36,600

Universal Credit

  Number of qualifying children for which the person is responsible:
Type of Claim 0 1 2 3 4+
Single claim £1,100 £1,450 £1,800 £2,150 £2,500
Joint claim £1,650 £2,000 £2,350 £2,700 £3,050

If you would like to discuss how City Energy Network can help you upgrade your property portfolio with grant funding, complete the form below and someone from City Energy will contact you.

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