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At the RLA we offer our members EPCs for the exclusive price of just £65 + VAT from our reputable service providers, Eco-energi.

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Why do I need an EPC?

  • If you are advertising a property to let/sale, by UK law you must have an EPC from an accredited assessor
  • EPC ratings must be displayed alongside adverts of properties
  • If you started a new tenancy or renew one from 1st October 2015, you cannot serve a Section 21 Notice without giving your tenant an EPC beforehand
  • EPC ratings also have to be a minimum of E by 2018

How will getting an EPC benefit me?

Getting an EPC is not only a legal requirement but it will help you identify the likely cost of bills in your property and help to suggest improvements in order to reduce energy bills.

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Improving energy efficiency will help you to have:

  • Happier tenants - the premises will be warmer & cheaper to heat
  • Potentially higher rent
  • An easier to let property
  • Lower void rate - as tenant more likely to extend their contract
  • Increase value of property
  • Less chance of rent arrears - as fuel bills are smaller proportion of tenants income
  • Higher ratings on the EPC
  • A good investment opportunity

Please note that any contract for the supply of goods/services will be made between you and the provider of the goods/services; not with the Residential Landlords Association Limited or any of its associated companies. The RLA has no liability in relation to any contract entered into by you as the RLA only acts as in introducer.

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