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Landlords who act in person for themselves without having a Solicitor throughout the proceedings need to know the rules about costs payable where a litigant in person is a party to Court proceedings. This only applies normally where the amount involved in the claim exceeds £10,000. Under that limit the small claims rules apply. In those cases where an order for costs can be made, however, as a litigant in person you could be able to claim costs for representing yourself or, particularly if you win. Alternatively if you lose and the other party is a litigant in person you may still have to pay him/her costs. This note explains how costs are calculated in this situation.


As a landlord you may be involved in litigation in Court against a tenant who is a litigant in person or you may take your own case, again as a litigant in person. The question will arise if you win or lose whether you can recover costs against the litigant in person. Alternatively, if you lose against a litigant in person, what costs could you have to pay.

The rest of this guide to costs for litigants in person contains information on how much a tenant can claim for and how you could go about claiming from a tenant. Please sign in to access the whole guide. Alternatively if you’re not already a guest member, you can join today for free!

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