The Areas Where Selective Licensing Applies

  • Middlesborough
  • Aire Street Costa Street Hornby Close
    Albany Street Craven Street Howard Street
    Alwent Road Crescent Road Howe Street
    Amber Street Derwent Street Ketton Row
    Ammerston Road Diamond Road Kildare Street
    Aske Road Donegal Terrace Kingston Street
    Athol Street Emerald Street Lamport Street
    Ayresome Green Lane Enfield Street Laycock Street
    Ayresome Street Eshwood Square Lees Road
    Borough Road Essex Street Leinster Road
    Bow Street Falkland Street Leven Street
    Bowley Walk Fallows Court Linthorpe Road
    Bulmer Way Faraday Street Longford Street
    Cadogan Street Faverdale Close Lonsdale Street
    Calthorpe Court Finsbury Street Lorne Street
    Cannon Park Close Fleetham Street Lovaine Street
    Cannon Park Road Foxheads Court Mallory Close
    Cannon Park Way Garnet Street Manor Street
    Cannon Street Garrett Walk Marsh Street
    Carey Close Glebe Road Meath Street
    Carlow Street Gough Close Mills Street
    Chester Street Gower Close Milton Court
    Clifton Street Gresham Road Nesham Road
    Cobham Street Greta Street Newport Road
    Colville Street Harewood Street Newport Way
    Coral Street Harford Street Nugent Avenue
    Orwell Street Punch Street Victoria Street
    Outram Street Romney Street Walpole Street
    Oxford Street Ross Street Warren Street
    Palmer Street Ruby Street Warwick Street
    Parliament Road Selbourne Street Waterford Terrace
    Pearl Street St. Aidans Street Waverley Street
    Peel Street St. Pauls Road Wembley Street
    Pelham Street Stowe Street Wentworth Street
    Percy Street Surrey Street Wesley Row
    Petch Close Teare Close Wicklow Street
    Portman Street Tennyson Street Windsor Street
    Princes Road Union Street Worcester Street
    Wylam Street

    Map showing areas of Selective Licensing in Middlesborough

  • Salford – Sedley And Langworthy
  • Effective 25th May 2007.

    Street Names for Selective Licensing in Salford

    Map of streets in Salford where Selective Licensing Applies

This document was last updated on: 18/07/2007

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