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Housing Act Guide

Which Properties Are Licensable?

Type of licence

There are four types of licences which may be required depending on the circumstances:-

  1. Mandatory HMO Licensing
  2. Where an HMO is occupied by 5 or more people and there are 3 or more storeys.  Both requirements apply.

  3. Additional HMO Licensing
  4. This is an area designated for additional HMO licensing by the local authority.  Currently, there are no designations in force.

  5. Deemed Additional Licensing / Transitional Licensing
  6. This only applies with an old style HMO registration scheme operated in a particular local authority area.

    Note: For any of these 3 cases set out above to apply the property must be an HMO.  See What is an HMO.  However,  not all HMOs are licensable.

  7. Selective Licensing
  8. Selective Licensing applies to all rented properties in a selective licensing area.  These are designated by the local authority.  This must be an area of low demand and/or anti social behaviour.  Where it applies it does not just apply to HMOs in these areas.   Selective licensing is, however, similar to HMO licensing in many respects.

This document was last updated on: 17/05/2007

General Disclaimer

IMPORTANT: Our website (including the Unique Property Selector) can only give general guidance. You always need to specifically check the status of any property individually and take appropriate advice including general guidance from the local authority where it is located.

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