Websites / Property Portals

On personal websites, social media pages, and bespoke property advertising sites/portals, it is strongly suggested to include further information in text boxes and hyperlinks, therefore clearly providing the consumer with the additional information enabling them to calculate additional fees.

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Print Media

Very similarly to websites and advertising portals, make space next to the asking price about additional fees. You can include web addresses that consumers can visit to find out about how fees are calculated.


Ads should include on screen text or a voiceover message stating that fees apply. This should include information such as how the fees can be calculated and web addresses or phone number for more information.


Please contact Clearcast for guidance: http://www.clearcast.co.uk/.


Please contact the RACC for guidance: adclear@racc.co.uk.

Click next to continue to read the RLA’s guide to advertising your property. The following pages will include information on additional help and a conclusion of the decision.

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