Legal musts for Landlords and Letting Agents


Starting as a landlord or agent can be daunting. There is a bewildering amount of legislation and best practices to keep track of for someone starting in the business. A written legal guide for landlords and agents can be out of date within a year so landlords should always look to be keeping up with regular refresher courses and using online resources such as the RLA's guides regularly.

This guide provides a short primer for landlords on the most important legal requirements. It is not a comprehensive guide to everything that a landlord or agent needs to do but it is intended to give landlords a guide to their most important legal requirements.

The rest of this guide is exclusive content for people who have registered their details on our website. It provides landlords with a guide to their legal requirements around –

  • Utilities
  • Fire safety
  • Deposits
  • Rent
  • Evictions
  • Health and safety

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