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This downloadable guide provides simple and straight forward guidance for the millions of landlords who let accommodation in the Private Rented Sector (PRS) in England and Wales. It was compiled by the RLA's Landlord Advice Team who, among other things, respond to requests from people who are known in the lettings business as "accidental landlords". These are people who did not set out with the intention of becoming landlords. They may have inherited a property which they have been unable to sell. In addition, there are people who have moved house but have been unable to sell their old address. The Landlord Advice Team's expertise is available to the many thousands of RLA members.

Landlords clearly need to know what they are doing, have a clear understanding of which legislation they need to comply with and just as importantly, how to get professional help when needed. At the last count, there are over a hundred different pieces of legislation which relate to letting properties. Landlords need to be aware of such legislation. Failure to comply with all the legislation relating to letting accommodation may lead to heavy financial penalties or, in very rare cases, even a prison sentence.

The next piece of legislation to affect landlords is the Government's intention within the Immigration Bill to make landlords legally responsible for checking the immigrant status of tenants and their right to be in the UK.

Letting a property is by no means an easy matter and landlords should appreciate and understand that the legislation around letting in England and Wales is very heavily favouring tenants rather than landlords. The guide gives an outline to the basics which PRS landlords need to be aware of both before and during the letting of a property. This document is in no way exhaustive and a landlord should always seek professional help and advice on any particular problem.

The rest of this Simple Guide for Landlords discusses a wide range of topics that a landlord needs to know. From recruiting an agent to health and safety, all the essential parts of being a landlord are covered in this simple guide. Please sign in to access the whole downloadable guide. Alternatively if you're not a guest member, you can join today and access it for free!

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