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Tenant Fees Ban Toolkit


From June 1st 2019, landlords and agents are no longer able to charge a number of fees in England for new tenancies signed on or after that date

In Wales the Tenant fee ban came into force from 1st September 2019 with more fees expected to be banned from December 2019.

The tenant fees ban is wide ranging and will effectively bar most fees from being charged. Landlords and agents will only be able to charge for payments defined as permitted in the legislation.

This guide will act as a primer for landlords and agents to help them prepare for these upcoming changes. In it we offer practical tips on how to deal with the new legislation, as well as a number of document templates to help comply with the fee ban.

The remainder of this page is available to members of the RLA. It contains guidance on the differences between the Welsh and English legislation, a number of fee ban compliant documents, what charges can be made under the fee bans and a number of practical tips on adapting to the new requirements.

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