Which Section 21 do I need? Take the Test

Since the introduction of the assured shorthold tenancy, landlords have relied on the section 21 notice as the simplest way to regain possession of their property. As the landlord can use the accelerated possession procedure, and does not need to provide reasons for their eviction, there are significant advantages to using this notice over the section 8 form.

However, over the years it has grown more complicated to make sure the landlord is serving a valid section 21 notice. And also more complicated to figure out which of the various section 21 versions the landlord should be serving. Particularly after last year's significant changes to the rules around service of a section 21 for new tenancies if the property is in England. As such, more and more landlords are finding the notice confusing to use.

To assist with this, the RLA has created this simple test, to help establish what notice the landlord needs.

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