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Which tenancy agreement do I need?

It can be hard sometimes to keep track of all the different types of tenancy. Particularly if you are a new landlord unfamiliar with terms like AST or common law tenancy.

Choosing the right agreement is important because different types of tenancy are covered by different laws and the type of tenancy will depend on the circumstances rather than the name given to it on the top of the agreement. Deposit protection legislation for example, only applies to assured shorthold tenancies so landlords of other types of tenancy do not need to protect their deposits. However, a landlord who chooses a different type of tenancy (such as a non-assured tenancy) and does not protect the deposit, may get a nasty surprise in court when a judge informs them that they have an assured shorthold tenancy and they should have protected the deposit years earlier!

To make sure you are not getting caught out by confusion, this short quiz is designed to identify the correct tenancy agreement for you.

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