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Local Events Date Location
Inheritance Tax & Property Talk 13/09/2017 North East
Inheritance Tax & Property Talk 13/09/2017 North East
Lettings for Landlords: The Basics 25/10/2017 North East
Principles of Lettings 26/10/2017 North East

Local and National News

Selective Licensing Approved in Scarborough - 14 March 2017

Scarborough Borough Council have announced plans to go ahead with Selective Licensing in parts of the Castle and North Bay wards, following a consultation last year. The designation was made on 3rd March 2017 and will come into effect on 1st July 2017, the scheme will come to an end in June 2022. The fee for the licence will cover the whole ... more

Durham City Start Consultation On Letting Boards - 16 January 2017

Durham County Council are allowing members of the public, landlords, tenants, and estate agents the opportunity to have their say on how letting boards are displayed in the city center. In 2009 Durham Council introduced the non-compulsorily Voluntary Code on Letting Boards, which encouraged agents and landlords to be more considerate to the conservation areas of the city when erecting letting boards. However, ... more

Durham police relaxed cannabis policy may impact landlords - 27 July 2015

‘Grow cannabis – we won’t arrest you’ say Durham Police in news articles across the internet, but will this light touch approach cost landlords? Durham police want to focus on bigger offenders, but growing cannabis can cause major problems for landlords of rented properties. Durham Police are thought to let small-scale ‘personal’ growers off with warnings in a shift in emphasis ... more

Incoming/Enacted/Potential Licensing Schemes – early bird gets the discount - 15 July 2015

Landlords in Hartlepool and Croydon need to be aware that Selective Licensing schemes will soon be enforced in their areas, and licence discounts are available. Lewisham landlords should prepare for a likely consultation on licensing, while Enfield landlords have challenged proposals effectively. The Hartlepool scheme has already begun, but still offering discounts, whilst Croydon applications are open and the scheme starts ... more

Universal Credit begins phased national roll-out - 17 February 2015

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has announced the ‘national’ roll-out of Universal Credit (UC) has started, with over 150 jobcentres over the next two months due to handle UC claims. However, it will only be single claimants and couples with no children that are eligible for the scheme. Landlords cannot be paid directly as the scheme combines various benefit ... more

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