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Greenwich to implement second most expensive licensing scheme in London

The Royal Borough of Greenwich has decided to start a new Additional Licensing scheme, which requires all privately rented HMOs, which are located within a designated area, to be licensed. Additional Licensing operates in the same way and alongside the existing Mandatory Licensing scheme.

The new additional licensing scheme which applies borough wide will extend licensing to all HMOs including house and flat shares. We urge our members who are owner occupiers to check whether their long leasehold flat is within a licensable HMO, particularly when it comes to properties converted many years ago. They will need to do this before the scheme comes into force on 1 October 2017.

With the introduction of the new licensing scheme the council have increased the licensing fees for HMOs have increased by over double.

Whereas the council currently charge a fee of £144.23 for each bedroom in a HMO, the new fee will be £377 per habitable room.

The proposed fee had been set at £462 per habitable room but was reduced to £377 after reflecting on feedback received through the consultation exercise. This means that the Royal Borough is charging the second highest fees in London, just behind Lewisham.

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Licensing and Fees

Mandatory Licensing More Information
Additional Licensing Comes into force 1st October 2017


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