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This feature is courtesy of RITA4RENT, the RLA's specialist landlord tax advisors.

We cannot stress enough the importance of filing your taxes on time. With landlords firmly in the sights of HMRC, the last thing any landlord wants is to miss a deadline and then be either penalised or targeted under the Let Property Campaign, or worse still, investigated.

In recent years, HMRC have become more aggressive in penalising those who file and/or pay their taxes late, and in light of this, we summarise below a selection of dates for your diary in 2016/17. This should ensure you are aware of the full position, and that no deadlines are missed!

Date Event
30 April 2016 If you missed the 2014/15 online filing deadline, this is the deadline for filing your self assessment tax return to avoid the £10 per day penalties
31 July 2016 For those who are liable to "payments on account," this is when the second payment is due towards the 2015/16 tax year.
31 July 2016 Deadline to renew tax credits if applicable to you.
5 October 2016 If this is your first year as a landlord, this is the latest date you should register for self assessment if you need to prepare a self assessment tax return for the 2015/16 tax year.
31 October 2016 Deadline to file your 2015/16 self assessment tax return if you opt for paper filing.
30 December 2016 Deadline to file your 2015/16 tax return online if you wish to add your self assessment tax liability to a future tax code, assuming you meet the criteria.
31 January 2017 Online filing deadline for your 2015/16 self assessment tax return.
31 January 2017 Deadline for paying your 2015/16 self assessment tax liability.
31 January 2017 Deadline for paying your first "payment on account" towards the 2016/17 tax year if applicable.
28 February 2017 If you do not pay your tax by 31st January 2017, this is the deadline to avoid paying a penalty of 5% of the tax owed.

We hope the above is useful, and should you require any assistance in completing your self-assessment tax return, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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